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dream of the end of the world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Seal Spell [Jul. 9th, 2010|04:50 pm]
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[philosophical revolution |[J.A. Seazer] Seal Spell]

The unrecorded seal curse
The iron mask of misfortune

Blue skies, the sea, and the gale wind
Plains, rabbits, and even flowing rivers

Time is an era unchanging
Time is an era that's something and nothing

Describe the blood of make believe to the people
And the people's 'doctrine' will drift away
People become people solely that they will propagate
Nothing changes!

We see in the daytime, but cannot see at night
We see in the nighttime, but cannot see in the day
An anagram

The enigmatic words, the mask of words
The origin becomes you!
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Stroke Material review. No, not that kind, a manga. [Jul. 2nd, 2010|04:16 pm]
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Kotobuki ATSUTA
Stroke Material: My Fuckin' Lover

"You know, my fuckin body consists of cigarettes, coffee, and SEX."

-The front page.
Also, We never saw much of any of these things.
(And that sounds like half the people I know. How is that special?)

Stroke Material is possibly the worst thing I have ever read.
I mean, it had to be like, worse than Twilight bad.
I'm talkin, BAD.
Like, Highlander Endgame bad.
(Which I ONLY SAW because Donnie Yen was in it.)
(I swear to god.)

The basic story is boy wants girl. Girl doesn't want boy. Boy bothers girl. Girl tells him to GTFO. Boy bothers girl. Girl tells him to GTFO. Boy bothers girl. Girl tells him to GTFO. Boy bothers girl. Girl tells him to GTFO. Boy GTFOs. Girl cries. They ge together.
That's the first monthly issue.

The next chapter is him trying to get his sexy time on. He bothers her for it. She says no. He bothers her for it. She says no. He bothers her for it. She says no. He bothers her for it. She says no. He bothers her for it. She says go get it from someone else, I don't care. He considers and she freaks the hell out.

Then they try to have sexy time. He fails. She wants sexy time. He's scared. She wants sexy time. He's scared. She wants sexy time. He's scared. She wants sexy time. He's scared. She wants sexy time. He's scared. She goes THEN YOU HATE ME and tries to leave. He cries.

After that, they assumedly just get it on. Alot. I'm not sure, cause this wasn't even like, explicit lite. It like, totally skipped all that stuff. She then meets up with some guy and treats her boyfriend like hit around him. It ends up being her ex.

Then he tries to act like her ex instead of being a bad boy. They go on, omg, dates instead of just having sexytime in the dark. He tries to get a kiss, and she refuses, and he loses his mind, tries to rape her and freaks out and stops cause he loves her too much. She then reveals she's been fucking with him the entire time cause she just does that kind of shit. Fin.

Basically, a playboy wants the nerdy student council president of all people, she plays hard to get, they fall in love, do things, and she's a god damned bitch the entire time, pretty much for the lulz. And she like, beats him and stuff. Which is completely cool, cause, she's a girl. She just enjoys seeing him miserable. Cause its cute and makes her feel better about herself. Or something. She will fuck his brains out, but no, fuck you, how DARE you ask for a kiss. You asshole. It's like... some kinda of awkward reverse domestic violence. (Which is still totally wrong btw.)

I also included an image where I edited the text to accurately portray the entire volume of manga.

Its final consummation. Brought to you by Shoujo Magic!

That's the last page btw.

It's one of the better drawn ones. Somehow, I think the chapter title images are MUCH WORSE than the actual manga. I mean, they're pretty bad. Like, he looks like the hunchback of Notre Dame bad. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS SPIIIIINE?!) Maybe it was a bad translation. Maybe Shoujo Magic just put WORDS in the bubbles. But I'm pretty certain it would take SKILLS to write something that bad. Rei Ayanami learnt from this girl about expression. It has some mildly enjoyable panels, but for the most part, no... NO.

Of course, we say this is bad, but we all know I'm going to be in a relationship of reverse domestic violence someday. With much less sexytime.

I don't want..
THE HELL YOU ARENT *throws across room*
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GAY HISPANIC WERE-PANTHER. [Jul. 1st, 2010|06:13 pm]
[philosophical revolution |[Eric and Suilen] Myagnolia]


omg guys, the banner ad says I can make a cartoon of me. Whatever would I do without a service to do that for me, and a horrendous flashing banner telling me about it!

Still haven't named my froggies.

Momo made me want to name the boy after Frog from Chrono Trigger, and I was all DAWW, GLENN.

Then I was like, aww, he can be with... Leene? Wait, NOOOO I'M LEENE DAMN YOU SQUARESOFT.

I might name them Kerochan and Keropon.

They do... absolutely nothing.

I've never even seen them eat. They only eat food if its been sitting for hours. (They'll pass up new food for the old icky ones.)

Now to decide which is which...

I've monstly conquored my closet. I've seen things that can't be unseen. (I never found the yogurt... That worries me.) Yinghua has made me NEED boxes, and my mother aparently doesn't like having all these storage things. Hrm. I also have more plushies than ever thought imagineable.

I hope the 3DS takes its sweet time. (Like, if Sony were releasing it.Or if it were Twilight Princess.) Cause, I want it. And I'm being poor.

Of course, I hate 3D. I can't stand it.

However, it has Ocarina of Time and StarFox 64? Cause, that's awesome.

but my god I HATE 3D.

Today at the grocery store, I was looking for nail polish emover, and this woman wasa speaking Spanish behind me. When she switched to English and noticed no one was talking to her, I realized, she was talking to ME. And she sounded just like my grandmother. I turned around all OMG WTF GRANDMA? And it was some random old woman. Apparently, her hair is so omg ugly, an she needs to dye it. Cause her daughter is coming over suddenly. And her hair looks horrible. So she needs to dye it. And she was following me. And I was like 'uh huh...." Then she left, still talking to noone. Ooookay.

This is noteable because, one, she switched to English when she realized I had no idea what she was waying. Two, she didn't hate me. (Older Mexican women ALWAYS hate me. My own grandmother would probably be ashamed of me if I wasn't the only college graduate ever in her family.) Apparently they find me traitorous or something. I have no idea.

I'm also reading The Vampire and the Virgin. Which is so horrible its hilarious. It's about... a vampire, and a girl I'm assuming to be a virgin. He's Scottish. She's from Texas or something. He lives with a gay hispanic were-panther.

Gay Hispanic were-panther.
Gay Hispanic were-panther.
Gay Hispanic were-panther.
Gay Hispanic were-panther.

His name is Carlos Panterra.

It has many magical lines such aaaaaas:

"So what do you want from us?" Phineas motioned to Stan's white-blond hair. "Some L'Oreal hair colour? I'm not sure you're worth it."

"Yeah, with a red plaid cape. And little sequins on your kilt. Drives the Scottish bulls crazy."

"Who are 'they'? Aliens from another galaxy? Talking Angus cows who demand we eat more chicken?"

He looked like he'd been playing the old bagpipe.

WTF does that last one even mean. I can't think of anything dirty to make of that without REEEEALLY trying. Wtf. Is this some bizarre Scottish euphemism I'm unaware of? I have no idea.

While flipping through, we found a mid sex scene paragraph how he could taste pizza on her breath, and he REALLY liked it. SEXY SEXY PIZZA BREATH.

I also need a slinky weenie. I need it bad. Stupid Toy Story having every possible toy but THAT.

I'm working on another pony, but really slowly sinc ei've been kinda busy. Movie Utena needed a friend. I foresee LOTS of problems in her future since her hair is very badly dyed. You can run your fingers through it without changing colours, but I don't think it'll work out long term.

Also, my butt is blue. :(
My poor butt.
I REALLY LIKED that pen too. It was a fountain pen and also STABBED me. That bastard.
My sheets are safe! my butt is still blue. D:

I'm trying to make my vocal sample. So far I have one that a hamster might have left me.

Also, I think I'm gonna stop taking my medicine after this month. I mean, I'm fairly certain I'm gonna be waking up in pools of blood if I continue. It's soooo painful. X__x


I need to change froggie water. They're so filthy. D:
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Oh look, chibies are in progress! [May. 26th, 2010|02:37 pm]

One of you is pregnant.

We're not sure who.

But one of you is. (Or your girlfriend is.)

It's not me or Yinghua.
It can't be Siegfried.
And if its James, well, you are a dead man.

 As for the rest of you, one of you is pregnant.
(We have an idea who, but we're not telling.)


We'll be waiting for the results in nine months.
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...In which, allegoriest swears up and down to being white. [May. 11th, 2010|06:29 am]

But I am not homesick for my birth in the heavens. And this form has reached the ends of antiquity, the reverse of angelic thought. Silence becomes meditation....
-Very very liberal D:

I think I've been more brilliant than usual. I think that's because I'm the god damned delicious allegoriest.
However, I'm very sleep deprived. This entry might make no sense.

Been helping Yinghua move. ...Next time is gonna be ALOT harder.

I FINALLY got a PS2. (Don't judge me! I don't have a TV!) I plan to steal one of Yinghua's. ...Eventually.

Have to leave for north of Austin, which, I don't believe in.
At least I won't be a pallbearer.
...Because apparently, some people believe in cremation. How odd.

...If you cremate me, I will haunt you. And be on fire.

Seriously, I'm not joking.

Actually, death sadly doesn't bother me much. I find the idea very comforting.

...My family does not. Mostly because, they have OBSCENE lifespans, and anything under 90 years is just "My god, did you inject mercury into your heart?" (In fact, most get well over 90 and into 100.)

Of course, generally, none of my cousins are near that old. There are ridiculously old people, and people that just are suddenly gone at really young ages. (And people who marry in and don't count.)

This past time would be under really young. And happened to cause as much trauma as possible for the parties involved.

However, my extended family has severe death issues. This is a recent thing, since they have habits of kicking it at very inopportune times. Like Christmas. Or Mother's Day. Obviously, we'd have no holidays if we had bad coping.

Somewhere along the lines, death coping skills were completely lost, and we're still backed up decades in tears. Which makes each holiday even WORSE than they naturally are.

Which doesn't help when everyday has naturally depressing things like disease and blindness. And leaves us every week thinking "I wonder what like... happy people do with their time."

...I wonder what its like to be able to eat meat for every meal. D:

My personal hobby is to find dying things, and let them die in peace. Cause, I bet being ripped limb from limb really sucks. I enjoy knowing they didn't starve to death, and were mildly comfortable before so. (Also, they seem to love you more. Hmm.)

Personal research seems to indicate the dead have considerably less suffering than the living. I assume this to be a good thing for them. (Mental anguish my still exist. Yet untested.)

With the mindset they have, that the dead can still see them and such, I find the anguish of the living offensive. Would you want them to feel responsible for your sadness?

...Also, the nurses keep telling us we're beyond haunted. Like, fully visible ghosts and what not. Are they screaming in German? I don't lay claim if they're not. (I'll also take responsibility for one Scottish and one British, but that's it!)

...There's a string tied around my plecostomus. D: That's... odd....

Also, a tall, dark haired, blue eyed man is going to visit really soon. Excitement!

Oh no, he's freaking out!!

then I won't see him for another year. Sadness! ;__;

Yay, plecostomus is free~

I've been informed that I need to be more YAY ME RACE. My lack of enthusiasm is apparently what is making us be discriminated against. And as whiny as they are, it must be AWESOME, whatever it is.

I don't feel discriminated against. (...Well, except by old Mexican ladies, but its cause they think I turned my back on the hispanic culture, and, I'm not Mexican...)

I mean, yeah, I've been stopped by LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE of various varieties, and its generally by appearance or name. I've had people go through my personal belongings, convinced someone with my name is a terrorist of some sort. (I have NO IDEA why.) I dress odd. I drive the wrong car. My name is suspicious. I don't fall into a single category well. Being a rare racial type must make me unloved and poor. When I was little, my teacher MADE me colour my skin despite my wishes not to because I liked the way my picture looked. I don't speak the same language as a notable number of people where I live, including my family.

I have never once felt discriminated against.

(Though the last one offended me, but completely in an artistic way. I will colour myself whatever the fuck I want. Be it white or purple or green.)

I live in a magical world where I can do pretty much anything anyone else can. I can decide what to wear and who to talk to. I am privileged enough to be a ridiculously small minority and able to be like everyone else. I am not loved less, my life has no suffering on part of not being the majority. I don't see people like me in movies or on tv. My religion is ridiculously tiny. I'm fairly certain there are no "important people" like me and that noone has ever had my name. most people do not make the same sexual choices that I do. There are people that are terrified of me, and people that think I'm below them.

And it doesn't matter. Cause I'm the goddamn delicious allegoriest. I don't have to be afraid of that. I don't have time to think of how people don't like me, because I need to allocate that time thinking of how wonderful I can be. Cause god knows, I have plenty of that to do. I don't need to hide my face or my ideals. And if they don't agree, well, they're not really like me at all.

(My only mildly related angst is that I wish I were pale enough to reflect the moon. Cause, that's kinda really sexy.)

And just to spite you guys, I'm going to claim I'm white forever. Fucking discriminati. Ignore anything I've ever said. I'm Swiss. Everything was an elaborate lie and I will violently deny it. Swiss fuck yeah.

...I could probably make a killing being an omg minority artist. But I'm too good for that.

...Also, I think it's Jeannie's birthday. (But I could be nowhere NEAR close. The voice in my head is insisting its today.) Happy birthday~
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God power keeps my pimp hand strong! [Apr. 25th, 2010|06:05 am]
Today, I will unleash my hypnocupcakes onto the world.

Schedule is increasingly tight.

But when I made my first hypnocakes, I vowed to unleash them the next chance I had. Today will be that day.

Made a double batch- 1/3 for me and Yinghua, and the rest for the world. However, they're so big, I'm afraid they'll cut them in half and ruin the surprise. (I make them look seemingly innocent.)

In the event the surprise is ruined, I dodn't see people eat them, or they're not well accpted, I have backup plans for other times.


There will be lots of deserts probably.
They might look TOO normal outside.
I won't actually SEE the people take them.
Some douche brings a big cake.
I get a blind audience. ...Again.
People thinking they're gay. :(
People on a diet. :(

Reduced sugar! Tastes the same! I shit you not.

Possible back ups:
Peach cakes
ice creme

I made mangosteen icecreme this week. Aimed for sorbet, needed more ingredients to waste space, went for gelato, didn't trust it, made ice creme. Wasn't sweet enough though. Topping of agave nectar made it all better.
The pureed mangosteens with the creme smelt kinda... durian. How unpleasant. D:

I've decided what I need to be. I'm aiming for batshit insane with a suspiciously strange grip on reality. Maybe if I hold my eyes open more, the strain will drive me insane.
Ironically, sleep deprivation just made me NICER. Go figure.

To everyone who keeps trying to set me up with people, I have one request:


What's that? James, without counting scars and whatnot, is symmetrical? He's my symmertical love. I can't hate him because he's not perfect.
None of you can beat the 11 1/2 fingered one. ;__;

Now I need to go get my kick. ...My mom has noticed my drinking habits, and does not approve. She keeps removing my drinks from the delicious cold of the refrigerator, and making them warm. It's killing me and those around me! There was even an intervetion.
...Oh, I drink TAB by the way.

It turns out my chest has always wanted to kill me! We just couldn't tell. For years, it always felt like I was filled with clouds, then AHHH LIGHTENING. It turns out my organs are trying to kill me! Those little bastards. It also turns out some of my organs are TOO hard.

I also made the sausage hierarchy.

God tier: V&V
Good tier: Opa's beef
Ok tier: made in store brand
shit tier: Hillshire farms and friends

special mentions: Rudy's, but it might be the sauce.

Hillshire farms and hormel ARENT SAUSAGE. They're extra firm meat flavoured jello. Maybe hueg hot dogs. But not sausage.

In fact, I consider being served that an insult. There's no excuse. Other brands are for sale right next to it. And you picked hillshire farms. If its the money, just get hot dogs. Really now. Not even lard dog eats that shit, and he jumped me for a melon ball once.
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Yo dawg I heard u like bunnies, so we gave yo bunnies bunnies so u can huggle while u huggle. [Apr. 8th, 2010|04:17 pm]
I've never seen an episode of pimp my ride where they didn't do a girl's car. So what happens when its not a chick? Do they guys still have to flirt with X-zibit too?

I can't watch the show though. Because once I had a horrible dream where I was married to the shop owner. (I've been told there are two. I have no idea if its the first or last one, cause I always only see one half on tv or something.)
Anyway, he was always dressed in purple wonka looking suits, and eventually was dressed like a hot dog and jumping around. There were also Amish people. (Obviously, it involved no pimping of rides.)

I can't watch it anymore because I only see the show owner dancing around in a hot dog suit.

Oh, also becaaaause--

The TV from hell is gone.

You say, what's your problem allegoriest, you had a FREE 60" tv.

Yes, but it was evil.

We're absolutely certain it was possessed. 100% sure.

It did many things. Like turn on and off when it pleased. ...Especially in the last ten minutes of an NCIS episode. Whether on DVD or not. Every fucking time. It has started a million fights and eventually resulted in my sister being STOLEN.

So, I pushed the TV out the door.
...It was really hard and it took it an HOUR to get it from the door to the sidewalk. (That's like what, fifteen feet away?) It stood there in SHAME, partially smashed once it was out the door, and through the night, the projector escaped. ...It is unknown whether someone stole it or it ran.

Personally, I think someone tried to steal it, and it possessed them. Because they left all their tools on my lawn. ...Which I'm certain were worth far more than the TV.

So I currently have a smashed omg hueg tv sitting on my lawn.

And it deserves it. That bastard.

It also apparently cost more than a car. Holy shit. Who spends that much on a freakin TV. (Not me, it was delivered as a gift. )

I should have sold it to goth kids all "Omg, possessed tv, will fuck up your life! Now with even worse ghosties!"

So I've also been playing the cello. Which I probably shouldn't due to being injured. (Fuck you, paralysis, I kicked your ass.)

I also need to think about pimping MY ride, but not too much, cause I don't want it to be stolen. (Fun Fact: The batmobile's previous owner was James Brown. ...But not that James Brown.)

Now the Batmobile is out in the open, which makes it far less batmobile-y. Before it was in hiding. (...I'm also terrified of letting Robin drive the Batmobile. Yes, we finally called it that cause Robin likes it. It used to be Not-Akio.)

I actually hate the Batmobile with a passion. I hate it so much. Everyone loves the Batmobile. Except me.


That was the loudest crashing noise ever. And the neighbours are watching all OMG

Fuck you TV. Enjoy life in the back of a garbage truck. You had it coming.

...I ripped off part of a finger. Last time I ripped past of my toenail, I grew an extra one. I have to rip it out ever few months when it grows back. It hurts. :(
I hope I don't grow an extra finger. That hand already has five that don't do anything. I don't really need another.
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Wait, why is there blood on me. Sky, stop bleeding or clean it up. [Mar. 30th, 2010|04:10 am]
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So apparently you can live through a stroke if you wait more than a day to get it treated. Dunno how long but holy crap, wtf. We don't know if it's a hemorrhage or a clot, because, uhh, you should like, treat that stuff. Really.

Also, no one seems to know what a stroke is. This worries me. At least, he FINALLY made it to the hospital. D: Don't sleep that off! ...I always sleep off my concussions cause... Uhh... I don't have a choice. D: And people think I'm just LAZY.

Also, if you're gonna bribe someone to do something for you, you have to, you know, have a BRIBE. Also, you can't bribe us to change your spot in someone else's will. You asshole.

And my bathroom is evil. I think it needs to be exorcised or banished to another dimension or something. So far, the casualty count is one. I'm serious. One day soon, I'm going to lose it and rip the carpet out myself. Its getting progressively WORSE.

I'm fighting anorexia. Not on me, I love food. It keeps my ass comfortable to sit on. I just don't like anorexic people. And I swear to god, I will end this shit.

If its your blood in my backyard, please don't do it again. I don't like cleaning up blood of mystery.

Did you know I'm allergic to everything? I keep forgetting this. I need to remember. Also, only HEB carries my AAAAAAAAAAAAALLERGY medicine. Now YanYan is bald. D: Poor YanYan. But he's less itchy now for me.


Oh god, I'm sorry, that was horrible.

Pokemon Soul Silver is awesome. But very real life. You have a phone, put your mom in it, your BFF, your boss, and the guy who does your dry cleaning. Then somehow, EVERYONE has your number. And they KEEP. CALLING. And I never answer. Because they want me to meet them where we met. And I don't even remember who they are. Because everyone I know knows better than to call me.
Yinghua, if you play, I'll give you the strategy guide. ...Which doesn't help if you've ever played the game. Which, most the world HAS. Nice job, Prima. (I had another game reserved, and I didn't want it, and I'd lose the preorder money unless I put it on something else. So I got the guide.) What happened to my original G/S manual? I feel like I let someone borrow it and they never gave it back, which makes no sense, because I don't think I know of anyone else who's played it. (if you have my guide, Fuck you.)

I need to finish Pokemon Ranger and get that Manaphy. Or whatever it was you get. Go Go Pokemon Rangers!

I also summarized anime under this cut. Several separate ones. General wellknown-ish ones.Collapse )

There's a dog I have, that makes me feel not good
And I wouldn't keep him furry, even if I could

It's the same spaghetti I used to eat alot before
Now I get hives on my face and fall crying on the floor


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A guide to Japanese gay teminology I was pressured into creating. [Mar. 6th, 2010|02:34 am]
[Tags|, ]
[philosophical revolution |Baramon- Poetry od Degreadation]

I was strongly pressured to write this post. I am apparently the Queen of Gay Terminology. (I was going to be king, but we all enjoyed the implications of queen.) I'm sure I forgot alot, because, I am very sleepy. Also, they made me read the Gravitation Megamix before writing this, and it burnt. Badly.

Somewhere along the way, Utena became really gay.
No, not like, lesbians holding hands and suff.
I mean like, manly gay.

I have traced this to Terayama's play Baramon.
Baramon is home to the Gay Can Can, the girlyman I Love You Mr. Ken, the Gay Political Address and such. (Also some of La Marie Vison. Is Miwa in Baramon? I'm not sure.)
"Men are the best, money comes in second. Women are useless for relationships! Useless! The thing that shines brighter than the stars in the sky is men! Men! Men men men men!"
-The Gay CanCan, (Heaven and Hell) from Baramon, badly translated. (SUKI YOOOOOOOOOOOO) Also, the CD is covered in roses. Tis pretties.

Baramon means, the Rose Gate. In Utena, in the last episode, they must pass through the Gate of Roses, bara no mon, to... well, they don't really do it. But we're forced to assume its pretty cool. (AND GAY.) Regardless, they don't, and lesbians hold hands, and I won't spoil the end, cause for being over ten years old, a ridiculous amount of people sitll haven't finished it.

But, Ikuhara, the director, loved Terayama's works. Did he think of this? Did he even see or hear Baramon? (I think it was generally a lesser known thing and people didn't want it out in the world.) However, Ikuhara's dreams of working with Terayama were shattered, due to Terayama being like... dead and all. So he worked with J. A. Seazer. Cause, Seazer is awesome. And Seazer inherited Terayama's theatrical troupe, Tenjo Sajiki, which became Banyu Inryoku.


Generally, lots of gay Japanese things have Rose in the title.
I set out to figure out why.

...And I didn't really fnd out. D:
But I learnt alot.

People just... started calling gay things bara. in the 60's, the gay publication Barazoku came out, which called gay men barazoku, the tribe of roses. Barazoku recently has gone under, and many revivals have been attempted in the last few years, but none have been successful. Probably because, now gay men have the internet. Also, Barazoku had fewer pictures and manga. I had pictures of gay men and articles and... stuff. I dunno. I never read it. Also, Miwa-sama apparently liked it. AND YOU LOVE MIWA.

Geicomi and the bara forms of manga are generally by men, for men. They're usually filled with meaty man thighs, spectorals and hair. (In theory, if a man made stuff with less manly men for other men, I suppose it could still be bara.)

But generally, gay comics are called yaoi. I don't know why. I guess a non Japanese person thought it was a good name and named EVERYTHING that. Yaoi generally has several qualifications- it should NOT have a plot. There's a sentence for what it means. But i forget. I can only remember YAmete, Oshiri ga Itai! (Stop it, my butt hurts! Much more memorable.) Yaoi is generally just sex.

Boys Love / BL is the actual genre. (the BL genre used to be June, named after a magazine that was for aesthetically pleasing gay comics.) BL has them getting into eachother's pants, with plot points like romance and stuff.

Generally, assume that something like Junjo Romantica is BL. A short doujinshi based off it could be yaoi, because it will generally just get straight to sexy time.

Shonen-ai would be cutesy stories about boys falling in love, but they might just kiss and hug. They don't get into eachother's pants. The lack of sexy time in a gay romance makes it shounen-ai. (Which, translates to boy love, which makes these VERY unfortunate choices in terms.)

Shota is little boys. Stop touching little boys, that's illegal!

They've also invented new ways of boys love, like gachi muchi. Which hass more muscular or chubbier guys, often made by men, but usually made for women. It;s like, bara is infiltrating BL.

Fujoshi is a pun on a word for decent woman, and is sorta kinda like an otaku. Sometimes. Kinda. These are the kind of girls who watch things with YAOI-GOGGLES (tm) on. Prone to rabid slashing and seeing the gay in eveything.

A good fujoshi example would be Yinghua while watching White Collar. We have no idea if that show is intended to be that gay, but it REALLY seems so. ...Actually, you can see that without living in yaoi goggles, so maybe its not. Hmm. Well, you get the idea I hope.

Yaoi likes to be TRAGIC. Especially bara. (So I'm told.) This is apparently some kind of viewer/creator coping due to the real life status of homosexuality.

It also likes rape. Presumably this is to keep the uke, the guy that the other one is going at during sexy time, from being corrupted by the idea of sex. If he isn't willing, but the rapist loves him, he's still pure. I'm... not entirely sure how this works or become so popular, but hey.

While I'm at it, obviously, the seme is the one who is, uhh, being active, while the uke would be receiving. Everyone knows that. Figuring out which is which is apparently the trick.

On the ladies side, the magazine Barazoku also had coined the term Yurizoku, the tribe of lillies for the ladies. Yurizoku was generally lesbians, and they had their own small section of the publication. Yuri became the ladies versions of comics, but the genre doesn't seem to be as broad as yaoi.

Despite popular opinion, yuri would be the matching term to bara, not yaoi. (You know, they're both flowers, and have sorta similar roots, no pun intended.) Yuri can go from girls being cutesy together, to having sexy time. You can also have GL, Girls Love, like BL.

A ye olden genre of yuri is Class S, which was apparently banned way back when, and came around when girl's schools did. It's kinda schoolgirls havng crushes on the upperclass-ladies and what not. Or something. I'm not too wellup on this.

Shojo-ai is thought to be more girls being cutesey and lovey in a non explicit manner, but its apparently actualy just liking girls. As in, kinda underaged stuff. Sorta like lolicon, which is just ridiculously young. STOP TOUCHING THE LITTLE GIRLS. THAT'S ALSO ILLEGAL.




That was just really gay. I imagined large hairy men kissing.
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Oh look, a post. Another wil follow in five minutes. [Mar. 6th, 2010|02:21 am]
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So its been winter. I didn't sign up for winter. That's why I live in south Texas. What's with the seasons thing? I enjoy being able to more comfortably wear my suits, but my toes are always cold. And when my feet are cold, I get ridiculously sick for some reason. We even made Yanyan a house outside with HEATING. And he bitches and moans. Dude, you're a dog with heating. And a really thick fur coat. Wtf.

YanYan is also straight now. I do not like straight YanYan. He's a dick, and straight puppies have baby puppies. (It's reccomended we don't fix him, because he has lots of puppy problems...)

Once, YanYan was in gay puppy love. It was Paco, the chihuahua next door. We'd often find them... doing things. Horrible terrible things. But then, someone poisoned Paco. He died against the fence, crying for YanYan, who was on the other side. YanYan didn't move for the longest time. He moped for a long time. His puppy love was so very tragic.

But now, there's a mini dachshund. Whose mother won't fix her because... I have no idea why. She has the money, she just... won't. (I think she WANTS puppies.) However, the dachshund is pretty sure its mine.

YanYan apparently has something for small, funny looking dogs, and is now madly in puppy lust with Samantha. They sleep curled up together.

I don't want puppies! I don't know where I'd keep them. Also, I don't know what to call them. Cockshunds? Choxies? I think Choxies is probably copyrighted, and who would buy a Cockshund? (I know SOMEONE would, but do I REALLY want to know?) Maybe Coxies.
[edit: Jennifer assures me every fratboy ever would want one. Hmm. Maybe Cockshunds is a good name.]

Regardless, due to a horrible horrible mishap that involved scaring the sexy out of them, I had to clean dog semen off everything. I'd appreciate if you bleached me now.

I'm reading manga. It's kinda painful.
I'm also furiously hunting down the rest of Cat Shit One, cause I haven't been able to find more for a long time. They're apparently making a CG anime thing out of it though.

I need to make a portfolio. I'm thinking, I should paint the whole thing and bind it between two canvases. Or something. You know what, that's a horrible idea. Hrm. Maybe I just need a site like everyone else.

I've also decided to become a hermit, because people don't leave me alone the moment someone notices I'm actually online, the internet provides me with news on current events (tv too), and my computer is still evil. However, real life doesn't have Jeannie anymore, and this saddens me. :(

Real life also doesn't have Yinghua anymore, and I can't seem to function without her. You have no idea how much NOTHING I've done. Yinghua makes me do things, and I give her distractions. Good distractions. Now we're both missing the other and have become a bit dysfunctional.

Yinghua and I have evolved to the point we are the SAME PERSON. We went straight from doing EVERYTHING together to absolutely nothing. I think we're just having withdrawl. ...We still think together though. Whoo.

I redid my fishie home. (#4.) They look so happy. And delusional. Daw. Cake thinks he has babies! All by himself! (There are no babies.) But he's acting like it! I got a few new fishies. Along with my wild type, I have a half back marble and a platinum ghost. Also blushing koi. Daww. Also some kind of fancy plecostomus. I don't know my plecostomuseseses. I have no idea. I am however notorious for killing them, and I have NO IDEA why.

My koi is almost recovered though! Which is beyond amazing. I really didn't think it would make it past one night.

In the spirit of fishie business, I also have ridiculous fishie and pet questions from an answers site. (I don't remember which one, I did this a few days ago.) Of course, it comes with stupid answers. And a rogue sexy question too, wtf.

How does I not kill pets?Collapse )
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