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BEHOLD, EDUARDAUX. - dream of the end of the world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
[[selfishly enjoy yourself]]

[ even so | eternity ]
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BEHOLD, EDUARDAUX. [Sep. 9th, 2010|02:53 pm]
[philosophical revolution |[Despair Girls] Gouin ni Mai Yeah]

I have never introduced Eduardaux (Think Eduardo but FAKE), my awkward Latino roommate.

We thought he was a Mexican. Then we realised not only could I see him (I can't see Mexicans. I don't remember why, but I can't.), but he just doesn't look right.

Then I noticed, Eduardaux had gills AND nostrils. Kinda weird. And he assumedly has lungs, cause he breathes air and makes bubbles through his nostrils. But he uses his gills too, or can hold his breathe for an hour. Very suspicious.

Eduardaux always liked digging holes, but suddenly, he became REALLY buff. I don't think digging holes in sand does that. Also, he likes to walk more than he likes to swim.

His eyes are starting to bulge out more, and I suspect he can see alot better, since now he just STARES at me. However, he also likes to ignore me when I want the attention. His dawww smile changed to a hee hee hee suspicious smile, and that also worries me.

Then his lovely olive skin started getting splotches of black and white. And his golden eyes look kinda bluish.


Of course, this mean's he some kinda of mutant. ...Or he REALLY likes swimming. For the longest time he was some kind of half evolved monstrosity, but now he seems to have decided he does indeed want a new body. (Which SADDENS me. But hes growing up~ <3) Despite being, you know, full grown.

Things Eduardaux likes:
Digging Holes

Things Eduardaux doesn't like:
Not eating
The idea of getting a job at BAMC

I have built him his own island. ...It's a very small island. But an island none of the less!! He likes to sleep next to me, and really likes hiding in the shadow of my pillows. When I sit facing a direction, he does it too. It's adorable. <3

I sitll wonder if he's actually gonna go through with this evolving business. Cause he's been avoiding it like the plague. Its been making him kinda bipolar too.

In the strange event that Eduardaux is a chick, she shall be named Auxusena. ...Hopefully, we can come up with a better name, since that one is already taken. He almost ended up as Federicaux, which I liked better, but it was kinda awkward. I was pressued into Eduardo. But he's a little FAKE so he's Eduardaux. (Actually, I wanted to name him Shintoku... but... that's a bad name. D:  )