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An open letter to Carino's. - dream of the end of the world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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An open letter to Carino's. [Aug. 23rd, 2010|09:30 pm]
[dread curiosity |GOD DAMN TOMATO PIZZA]

Served me a freakin tomato pizza.
Why in gods name would I want tomatoes with tomatoes on badly made crust?

Recently, I went to one of your restaurants and had the pleasure of eating a tomato pizza, which was for some reason called a margherita pizza. (I never figured out why since it was essentially ALL tomato.) The first pizza I had was horribly burnt and sent back for one that was very unevenly cooked. It had very little cheese, most the basil was burnt and blew away. With the combined tomatoes of the great amounts of sauce and toppings, it was a tomato pizza. Every single bite, filled with the taste of bland, unevenly cooked tomato. An entire plate of tomato. (I was there for quite a while. And the table bread wasn't completely done either. I was very hungry. I didn't want to eat the tomato. But I was with a recovering anorexic, and I had to eat. She had no complaints, but really, she's never eaten actual food.)
I'm fairly certain I've had this pizza at the same place before, but I do not ever recall eating a tomato pizza in my life. What happened?

Now, I probably like tomatoes alot more than the next guy. Sweet tomatoes, savoury tomatoes. They're pretty delicious. But not when they're sorta-maybe cooked and just bland. And paired with more tomatoes.

One of my companions had some type of five meat pasta, which reminded her of her food at work. (She works at a hospital you see...) She could only describe it as 'gooey,' and I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'm fairly certain that food shouldn't be 'gooey.' I don't think 'gooey' is a flavour, but she insists it is. (It really did look terrifying.)

After we went home, I also got some type of food poisoning, which makes no sense because all I ate was tomatoes.

The waiter was very good though. His name was Patrick. He even wrote a little thankyou on the receipt. (He has very nice handwriting too.)

You need to make your chefs eat their pizza. Specifically, your Saturday lunch to early afternoon chefs. Have they ever eaten a tomato pizza made of burnt, or goo with five different meats? It's very unpleasant.

Yeah, I actually sent this to them btw.

[User Picture]From: prismangel
2010-08-24 02:39 am (UTC)
Margherita pizza is one of the kinds I'll actually eat, so that's nothing less than a tragedy TT___TT
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[User Picture]From: allegoriest
2010-08-24 02:47 am (UTC)

God it was so bad.

Also, it burnt my mouth. ;__;
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