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Why yes Pulparindo, I LOVE tamarind shells! Thankyou for including so many!! - dream of the end of the world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Why yes Pulparindo, I LOVE tamarind shells! Thankyou for including so many!! [Aug. 29th, 2010|04:03 am]
House on bluray OMG.
I'm so exicted.
(No, not that House. The awesome House.)
...I'll still probably get DVD though, won't I? Hmm.

I'd like to tell you about Axauxlotl. For all purposes, he's an axolotl. But he's about to evoooolve~ He eats worms and lives next to my bed. He's SO CUTE. And voracious. (He is a bottomless pit. Then later, he realises he ate SO MUCH its rotting inside him, and he pukes. BAD AXAUXLOTL.) He likes worms.

Which I'm deathly allergic to! And we had no idea. I had an UNGODLY allergic reaction involving burning and hives and OH SWEET JESUS WHY to the point that its a really bad thing I still haven't picked up an epipen.

So, I'm going to harvest worms. I'm thinking earthworms. My baby will want them someday. Daww he's so cute. However, I'm pretty sure after so much worming, I'm going to be insane and hate worms and my baby will go hungry. This is a dilemma. I need a worm supplier.


State Farm spokeman is trying to make me be not-asexual. This displeases me. Solution: Change channel.

Oh god, nothing's on. Wtf, I have like ten thousand channels and everything sucks. Solution: Try non English channels.

GOD DAMMIT, HE MAKES COMMERCIALS IN SPANISH TOO WHAT THE HELL. Solution: Find him, steal him, and keep him as a bodyguard to save me from old hispanic ladies.

...Obviously, my process is at a current halt. Also, I'm apparently the only living soul who likes the State Farm man. Of course, I AM thinking about growing worms, so my opinion prooobably doesn't count. D: Also, I'm not changing my insurance. CURSE YOU EDDIE MATOS. (It took me a LONG time to find that name. A long time I say.)
Also, every old Mexican lady is out to harvest my soul. Except for the even creepier ones who neeed to be near me. They actually scare me more.

Meanwhile, I think I have a Mercedes again. However, this is against my agreement to exist, so, now to get rid of it. Hmm. This is always awkward.

I've been playing Uso Megami Tensei: Animation Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha VS the Infernal Bleeping Noise.
Eventually, I defeated the bleeping noise, but then the fucking Chupacabra was trying to eat my goats. That fucker. Now he wants to be my friend, and I'm like fuck you, you're the god forsaken chupacabra. Also, he tried to screw with my BFF. Don't think so, goat sucker.


I hate my new phone. I've had it over the summer and it drives me insane. Stupid touchy feely electronics.

I also have a puppy now apparently. ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY COCKSHUND. She's getting big. And blonde.


I also certainly hope Jeannie had tapioca with her dinner tonight.

[User Picture]From: hisui_yui
2010-08-29 10:04 pm (UTC)
I didn't. D: But it would have been delicious.

Ooooooh~ New phone? Is it a touch screen? Those hate me. :/ I think I have ghost fingers or something. (Also, omg is the cockshund adorable?? It sounds adorable.)
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[User Picture]From: allegoriest
2010-09-02 10:45 pm (UTC)
Thai Corner's Nagasaki tapicoa is magical. It's like... green tea ice creme but sweet. However, they were out of it on Saturday.

Your fingers are too magical for touch screen phones. I poke and poke and poke and NOTHING HAPPENS. Then it'll eventually select the wrong thing, and you can't select with the keyboard. I just wanted a free phone with a full keyboard, and that's what they had. :\ Cause my phone I paid for died RIGHT after the warranty did.



She likes to try and suffocate people. With her face. Which wouldn't be that bad if I weren't horrendously allergic to her.
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